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About Us

TOPFOREST is not just a modern brand which provides high-quality bags,

but also the implementation of environmental protection concept of enterprise.

TOPFOREST’s products include Foldable bag, Canvas bag, Shoulder bag, Drawstring backpack, Cosmetic bag, Pencil bag, Cooler bag, Lunch bag, travel bag

and so on.As it names implies, “TOPFOREST”is meant to we are not stand at the angles of the ecology destroyer which only utilize the chemical materials

and heavy felling of trees to produce bags; instead, adhere to the concept of environmental protection, through the use of high-quality natural cloth,

durable and recycled materials with advanced printing and manufacturing technologies, we create a varies of bags under the promise of maintain high

quality and protect the Earth's ecology at the same time, we always achieve our sustainable green development model on a macro-scale ,

as an Enterprise which “Saving Trees on top view of Environment Caring”.

Our History

As early as the 1990s, Hong Kong society did not using green bags much, according to the EPD statistics, Hong Kong's annual use of plastic bags up to eight

billion.It would be a heavy load on the ecological environment when a time of Biodegradation of plastic bag could be more than two decades, eventually

the over-used ofplastic bags brought out "White Panic" at that time- a huge soil and water pollution made by white plastic bags. In view of this, the founder

of TOPFOREST discovereda new material called “PP-Nonwoven Fabric”, which could be degraded in nature within 3 months, since then it used to make a

durable and beautiful Eco-bag. So this is the first generation of Eco- bag we created in the support of Environmental Protection,

which was greatly welcome by the public.

Since then, the people's awareness of environmental protection is growing;the Government has begun to pay attention to environmental

issues and policy development.In the spirit of innovation and the pursuit of excellence, TOPFOREST care about public options, so we generally

use Environmental-friendly material and enhances production technology, thus successfully establish TOPFOREST. We keep cooperating

with famous Graphic Designer to co-produce different types of bags. We are welcome retail wholesale. If you need to tailor your own bags,

please contact with us. Until now Top Forest already has 15 years of experience in making and exporting Environmentally-friendly shopping bags

and has sales offices in Hong Kong. We have a professional team to select high-quality fabrics, design fashion styles for our customers,carefully

manage production equipment and even deliver our products meticulously.

Our Core Value 

The Logo of TOPFOREST showing the core concept of us: a tree cannot be the forest; the formation of a forest needs a lot of trees. As long as each person

gives their efforts in environmental protection, the beauty of ecological environment can be recovered by our corporation; if each person prepares to use

Eco-bag instead of plastic bag, environmental protection can be improved. TOPFOREST is truly care about natural habitat but also focus on requirements

of quality design, we hope that customers carry our products which show their external beauty of fashion, and express their inner beauty with their kindness.

Let’s buy TOPFOREST’s products include Foldable bagCanvas bagShoulder bagDrawstring backpackCosmetic bagPencil bagCooler bag

Lunch bagtravel bag and so on. Act now!

Welcome to contact us!
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Address: Unit 406, 4/F., Block B, Wing Kut Industrial Building, 608 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Last Update : 08th March. 2018 

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