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【Durable Eco-material with advanced printing technology】

Using latest printing technology, we produce our product by natural cotton, linen and other durable and thin material.

Most of our foldable bag’s Bearing Capacity can be reach to three kilograms or even more, so that it can save 100 or more

plastic bags / paper bags * from one TOPFOREST’s bag. *Calculate by each plastic bag / paper bag can be used twice in average.

【Easy to bring in Multi-folding way】

With rich experience in making bag, TOPFOREST has designed Multi-folding method such as Button style, Zip style, Rubber band

style, etc. We wish our customers use and carry our product in easiest way. According to the capacity of our bags, we also set up

Extra-large, Large, Medium, Small and Extra-small size of bags for our customers for different needs of shopping.  

【Collaborate with famous Graphic Designer】

TOPFOREST has been collaborating with various Graphic Designers in making a range of product, for example our series

“Local feeling of Hong Kong Cultural” was successfully created by Gideon Lai, and Illustration Character “Din Dong” was

also printed in our products too. We committed to create stylish, unique and personalized shopping experience for our customers.

【Welcome any shop order in bulk to presence our products in your place for attracting more

customers,price are negotiable for mass purchase,please direct inquiries to us.】

【We support personal or business tailor-made order,please visit our webpage"BUYFLOW"】

We will continue to make efforts in Bag Making! 
Welcome any opportunities of collaboration with designers, illustrators, institutions, and other organizations. If interested, please contact us:
Email: info@topforest.shop
Tel: (852) 2433 8306
WhatsApp: (852) 6063 9550 (received message only)

Last Update : 08 th March. 2018

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